From a humble store in Singapore 14 years ago, bYSI has become an essential fashion choice for the modern woman that desires a stylish wardrobe she can update as and when she wants. The stores offer relevant, functional, and fashionable wardrobe for every occasion. They boast of a huge collection of floral dresses, fashion clothing, accessories, belts, cardigans & sweaters, dresses, necklaces, jumpsuits, jackets & coats, pants, shorts, skirts, tops and other apparels. It offers luxury wear with the latest trends in fashion at unbelievable prices.

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The go-to brand for the modern woman
The brand offers a great selection of high-fashion clothes for women. They have an extensive array of tops for casual and formal affairs.

They have a wide selection of tops which come in many styles and cuts;
Ever popular bYSI peplum tops
Boxy tops
Crop tops
Halter tops
V-neck tops
Off-shoulder tops, and more.

Their dresses also come in many cuts and patterns to all occasions and preference;
The gorgeous bYSI belt dresses
Wrap dresses
Layered dresses
Off-shoulder dresses, and more.

Stay cozy with the brand’s selection of outwear;
Comfy sweaters

The brand also has an impressive lineup of bottoms to round out the perfect outfit. There are also sorts of pants that range from basic colors to vibrant hues to reflect your personality and style. Shorts are perfect for a casual day out, and are designed in cool prints and patterns. Skirts are offered in casual and formal cuts as well to cater to the multifaceted needs of the women.

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Stay on top of fashion trends
As the popular saying goes, “the only permanent thing in this world is change”. This is true for most things, especially, fashion. As much as you would like to stay on-trend, most high-profile brands offer items at painfully high costs. bYSI shatters the norm by providing women with access to trendy high-fashion pieces without breaking your bank. The brand offers an impressive assortment of functional yet undeniably sophisticated clothes that suit all body types and occasions. Their affordable prices provide consumers the privilege of owning the most stylish pieces of the season. The brand moves with the changing tide of trends, always staying up-to-date to provide relevant products that suit all lifestyles.

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