Corp Gifting

Buying a gift for someone is a very personal gesture. With most of us spending majority of time at work buying gifts for coworkers is very much a norm these days. Though we spend so much time together, we hardly know our colleagues enough to decide what to gift. While you want to show your colleagues that your are invested in them and they matter to you, there are etiquettes and rules you need to take care of before buying a gift for your colleague.

Here is a list for Dos and Don’ts while picking a gift for colleagues


Make a list and check it twice. It is very embarrassing to leave out someone from the list.

Stick to a budget. Set reasonable budget for each coworker. It is not advised to buy expensive or extravagant gifts

Buy a gift that shows your thoughtfulness.

Include a gift receipt so that you give the person the option of returning what you purchased.


Don’t exchange gifts in front of coworkers who did not make it to your gift list. Consider coming into work early and leaving gifts on people’s desks, or putting them in their office mailboxes.   

Don’t spend more money than you can afford.

Don’t buy a gift that is too personal or insulting.

Don’t be negligent of people’s beliefs. Avoid making your coworkers who choose not to celebrate these occasions uncomfortable or obligated to join in on the gift giving.


Written by Mooments

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