About The Bravery Cafe
People who love to eat are the best people! And all of the best people in Singapore could be seen thronging a quaint, little place called, The Bravery Cafe.

The Bravery Cafe is one of the few cafes that we can say is a quintessential hipster favorite. Complete with an industrial décor of raw concrete floors, red acrylic-sheet windows, high ceilings, bare-bone tables and chairs that give off a laid-back vibe, this cafe provides an idyllic escape from the daily city life.

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It is Breakfast time, all day long
The Bravery Cafe specializes in an all-day breakfast menu replete with sandwiches, salads, desserts, scones and the crowd-favorite, Chicken Avocada Ciabatta. Their Spicy Shrimp and Spaghetti Aglio Olio is most recommended by the regulars. Pumpkin Pecan and Morello Cherry Pies are also an instant hit with the customers. They believe that no problem is big enough that cannot be solved by devouring a thick stack of pancakes with bananas, ricotta cheese and pistachios on top, slathered with golden syrup!

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However, what the cafe attracts the most attention for, is its cuppa. They are known to make the best latte in the neighborhood. And their signature drink being the Lavender Cafe Latte. This cafe is quite popular among the office-goers, looking to quickly grab their daily dose of caffeine from the very good-looking and friendly baristas.


Also Must try:
Chicken Avocado Sandwich
Buffalo Wings
Salmon Soba Salad
The S.A.M. Salad
Crime Brûlée Tart
A Classic Favorite, The Brave Begedil


And if you do decide to eat in for a day, The Bravery Cafe also delivers anywhere on the island. Alternatively, you could always swing by this place to escape the heat and perk your mood up with some good coffee and comfort food. It is all about savoring the good life!

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