Have you ever met someone who is ridiculously good at giving gifts? And wondered how that person could get it right each time?

Gift giving is no less than art. It takes two things to give a great gift. Time and thought. Unfortunately, we live in an era where we have hectic work schedules and even more hectic social lives, leaving us increasingly too ‘busy’ to find the time or be able to put enough thought into finding the perfect gift for our loved ones.

Here, we try to explore a few tips and tricks with which you could ensure that your gifts are both thoughtful and useful.

  1. Buy what they want:

The trick is to buy them what they want, without ever asking them directly about gift ideas. Spend time with them to get to know what they exactly are in need of. It could be something as small as a paint job for the kitchenette or a cross-country road trip. Surprising them with exactly what they need or desire, would make it the perfect gift.

  1. “Make” gifts:

Handmade gifts have been extremely popular with spouses, close friends and family members. These gifts come laden with a sort of ‘sacred meaning’, and allows the givers to truly give of themselves. An added advantage would be to make them something they need. It could be anything from a hand-woven sweater, a beautifully painted glass vase for the center table, to a Bohemian dream catcher.

  1. ‘Treasure’ hunt:

Scout through the non-traditional retail outlets, searching for gifts that would have meaning only for a particular friend, or a family member. The first ever aircraft that my dad had worked on was the British jet ‘Hunter’. During one of my travels, when I found an antique store selling a copy of Life magazine with the British beauty on its cover, I bought it knowing well what a treasure it would be to my dad.

  1. Stick to the ‘tried and tested’ ways:

Using cues from the past successful gift exchanges to determine whether a particular gift will please your loved ones or not and buying them similar gifts is probably the safest strategy. It doesn’t mean that you actually have to duplicate a previous gift, but spend time finding variations to the past gifts that had proven satisfactory.

If followed diligently, these tips and tricks can help you become an instant hit in your social circle and you never again have to fear giving gifts to your loved ones that might eventually be returned, recycled, or exchanged.

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