Beyond Beauty International is a forward-looking company with a holistic approach towards health & beauty, offering total face and body care, complete with slimming and spa services. As one of the most progressive companies in Singapore, their services are a unique blend of the latest technology and the skillful human touch. All this, coupled with the best value, is customized to complement the individual lifestyles of the customers.

The Mission

Beyond Beauty is a cutting edge skin clinic and laser treatments provider. It offers its customers the latest in laser & aesthetic treatments. It is known to deliver result-oriented facials, tailored to fit your beauty needs. As a team of passionate professionals, they aspire to reach their fullest potential, grounded firmly in holistic values. They are committed to journey with the customers and help them attain their beauty goals, while offering support and guidance along the way.

Their mission is to give their utmost to serve their customers with passion and integrity, complementing their signature blend of holistic lifestyle wellness with innovative technology.

Commitment to Quality

Their commitment ensures that the competitive and attractive prices do not come at the expense of quality. Instead, they invest heavily in the latest technology, into R&D, and the sourcing of quality products.

Popular Services

Their pampering signature facial treatments will give you the confidence to face the world with beautiful results.
Make a statement with a lean and trim silhouette with their signature slimming treatments.
Achieve a perfect balance between body and soul! Sooth your spirit with their signature spa treatments.
A wide and effective range of face and body spa products which are customized for your specific skin and body concerns.

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