Though they are branded as impersonal, gift cards are the most popular gifts today and top the wish list of people. The freedom to select their own gift and get it when they want has clicked and many of us prefer to get gift cards even when they come with a small fee.

Gift cards are now easily accessible via mobile devices and apps and are less likely to be lost or misused. This further adds to the popularity of gift cards. Department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, electronic stores and online retailers are among the most popular gift cards.

If gift cards are on your shopping list, following are some important tips to consider when buying a gift cards for someone.

Read the fine print

This should be the most important and first step before buying a gift card. Read the fine print for any exceptions, additional charges, validity, maintenance fee etc.

Pick a card from the retailer that the recipient likes

Consider buying a card from a specific brand or a website that the recipient likes. There are more chances of people using a card from a retailer that they like.

Look for mobile apps

Most of the retailers now offer their own shopping apps and you can upload the gift card amount on the app. With this, there is a very less chance of loss, misuse, or forgetting the card at home when out for shopping.

Register the card

If there is no mobile app, most of the retailers offer registration of cards. Consider registering the card when you buy it. This will offer extra protection in the event that the card is lost or stolen.

Remind people to use the card

Gently remind the recipient to use the card within a year. Some cards charge a dormancy or maintenance charge if they are not used within certain time. They is also more scope of the card being lost or misused if left unused for a long time.

Gift cards do make a perfect and personal gift if you buy the right card and present it creatively. Go ahead and buy gift cards for your loved ones and let them choose the gift of their choice. Mooments can help you turn your special days into memories that last forever. Visit our website for exciting offers and unique gift cards.

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