Let’s face it, guys. You never want to end up in your girlfriend or wife’s proverbial doghouse, but Valentine’s Day might be the WORST possible night to spend sleeping on the couch.

One way to ensure you stay in your lady’s good graces is to make sure you buy her a great gift. Of course, the most important part of this day is to spend some time with your bae, but picking the right gift goes a long way in putting a smile on her face.

While you can find gift guides everywhere that tell you what you should buy to warm her heart, there’s not always a guide to tell you what are the bad gifts on Valentines Day. If you have planned to gift her something conventional, here is how you can transform ordinary gifts to special gifts by choosing wisely:

Dinner Date

Dinners can be memorable but considering the rush on Valentine’s Day, they can be tiring and rushed up, too. You can stay at home and cook a meal for your loved one or alternatively, book a table at your favorite restaurant a day before or after Valentine’s Day to enjoy a quiet dinner.

Flowers indeed are beautiful. But around Valentine’s Day, their prices tend to shoot up. A bouquet of flowers will most likely be forgotten shortly after the delivery and make their way to the dumpster in about a week. Instead, a handwritten letter or a handmade collage of photos in a beautiful frame will have a more sentimental value than flowers – and will also last a lifetime.

Greeting Cards
The market is filled with pre-made cards for Valentine’s Day. While they are expressive, there are hundreds of copies of the same card and are not exclusive. Pick up some craft supplies, and make your own card to show your love. Your loved one will appreciate the effort, and you will be free to design and write a message that truly resonates with your partner.


Chocolates are indispensable for any occasion. Make Valentine’s special by gifting her some handmade chocolates, cookies or other baked goods. Bake her a cake and watch her face light up!

Bottle Of Wine

wine tasting
Bottle of wine is one of the common gifts. It might be expensive but it is not personal. Why not buy tickets to a wine tasting event instead? You can spend time together and also get to enjoy the different varieties of wine.

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