Buying gifts for artists or the creative kind needs a little extra thinking. You can either buy them something that will make their work fun or gift them something that will appeal to their artistic mind.

Here is a list of gifts to inspire them for their next great art piece.

1. Bag/Carrycase for their art supplies


Gift them a bag or a carrying case to keep all their art essentials. Remember to buy something that is compact, light-weight and also can be easily carried around.


2. Artist stylus

artist brush and stylus

For people who like art on the go, this special brush would make the perfect gift. It is actually a stylus that allows the artist to add their touch on to any picture, on their smartphone or tablet. It helps in  painting, sketching and drawing on their iPad or any other compatible device.

3. Artist portfolio case

DIY Portfolio

Gift them an artist’s portfolio case to hold and showcase their art.  If they are looking for a way to store some important artwork away, so it didn’t get damaged, this could be the best answer.

4. 642 things to write about

642 things

For the aspiring writer, the prompts in this book will be useful to spark ideas during creative droughts. No coffee needed.

5. Craft supplies

craft supplies

You can never have enough art and craft supplies. A basket full of new and colorful art and craft supplies would be high up on any artist’s wish list. Why not make that wish come true?

For your artist friends and family members, a thoughtful option could also be buying them gift cards. Browse through our wide range of merchants to find the one best suited to their liking. Check out our website Mooments for more information.



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