Forego the standard rose bouquet and chocolate heart this year. With so many unique Valentines Day gift ideas to choose from to express your love for her, how can you choose just one?

If she is a woman who loves to pamper herself or unwind after a long day (and who doesn’t?), try a box of gourmet ‘chocolate’ bath bombs or plush organic herbal booties. If she errs on the more practical side, a leather jewelry box or a colorful umbrella will surely appeal to her sensible side. For those who appreciate a sentimental gesture, we’ve got you covered in that department, too. From a necklace that can be personalized with the important dates in her life to a customizable beaded emoji bracelet, these selections are sure to tug at her heartstrings. And, since a little humor never hurt anyone, you can even gift her an apology notepad, presumably, as an add-on gift, for the beloved lady in your life who loves a good joke.

We have carefully curated an array of items to suit her every fancy. Take your pick:

Write Her A Love Song
Write her a poem. And put a catchy tune to it. What better way to express your love than with some music? But if you are not the type who can write ballads or sonnets, don’t fret. There are several websites where people offer these services for as less as $5.

Caricature/Customized Cards
If you can draw or sketch, you are in luck. If not, hire someone to draw a caricature of you both and write out a sweet message to go along with the card.

Matching Tattoos

valentines day tattoo
If your girl has a wild streak about her and you too are adventurous enough, get inked. It would serve as a constant reminder of what love stands for.

Customized Bracelets

valentines day bracelet
Get a customized bracelet with important dates or events inscribed on it. It could be your anniversary or the date when you two met. Make it special. That should do the trick.

Make Her Feel Special
It is never easy to know what women might like. Why not let them pick their own gift? Check out Mooments and the various merchants we have. Pick one of her favourites and you would have just earned yourself the tag of the best boyfriend or husband ever!

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