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Your zodiac sign is the very essence of who you are and how you portray yourself to the world. It is like a window through which you view the world, and the world views you.

Or so is believed by many.

But either ways it is fun to find out why your obsession with feminine frocks or tailored blazers may be totally out of your control.

Leo: Luscious & Loud (July 23 to August 22)

You love designer wear and have a very sophisticated and stylish collection of your own. You prefer to buy the very best, like an exquisite vintage tulle cocktail dress or a limited edition handbag.

You are most confident when you are putting it all out there, in terms of fashion and style. A Leo woman’s warm and generous nature comes out best when she slinks into animal skin or peppers her outfits with a hint of feline prints.

Virgo: Veracious & Virtuous (August 23 to September 22)

You seek out elegant and beautifully detailed pieces, like a well-tailored trench or a pima cotton shirt. You obsess over couture that has a hint of sexiness without ever feeling too over the top.

While you feel more comfortable in a neat and structured look, the aim is to be put together naturally, without much fuss. Comfort is a big factor and you like brands that are both, fashionable and functional. A Virgo woman can pull off anything from pinstripes, polka dots, to even paisley designs. But it is often the small and delicate prints that win her over.

Libra: Laid back & Lovely (September 23 to October 22)

As a true fashion lover, you are usually the first to try a new look. You favor the ultra-feminine pieces like tiered skirts, chiffon cocktail dresses or French lace lingerie.

You are the master of layering. As a Libra woman, you have a natural flair for fashion and can carry yourself with the perfect poise, irrespective of what you have thrown together as an outfit.

Scorpio: Strong & Sexy (October 23 to November 21)

Versatile and well-cut staples in neutral hues, like leather knee-length boots or a plush velvet blazer, are your fashion favorites. Your style mantra is to look ladylike but with an extra edginess. This style strategy keeps the focus firmly on you, and away from your outfit.

Allure, mystery, and dark glamour is the theme that dominates a Scorpio woman’s wardrobe. All you need is to look a little sexy to feel fabulous, and that comes to you naturally.

Sagittarius: Stunning & Stellar (November 22 to December 21)

Relaxed elegance is your signature style. You favor men’s-inspired fashion, like tailored trousers, worn with subtle feminine tops. When it comes to accessorising, you prefer wearing one stunning piece, like an oversize cocktail ring.

A Sagittarius woman loves colour, and will take bold chances to exuberate her polished but non-fussy style. Also, you have never seen a print you did not like, making you the evergreen diva of all times.

Capricorn: Conservative & Classic (December 22 — January 19)

You prefer beautifully cut classic pieces made of high quality fabrics for an overall look that is quite ladylike with a touch of old-school glamour. Luxurious pieces like a indigo cashmere sweater, a beige silk charmeuse blouse, and a pair of well-tailored black pants are prevalent in your wardrobe.

A Capricorn woman feels comfortable when in control. And more often than not, that translates in her conservative dressing. You prefer classics with a twist. Dark blue, brown or black tailored suits in traditional materials like tweed are perfect for your stylish and understated elegance.

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