History tends to repeat itself. It definitely holds true in the fashion world. Just when we least expect, it is time to bring out the chic flared dresses in dainty daisy prints and polka dots. And when it comes to jewellery, all the more so. The runways this season have been brimming over with alluring accessories that run the gamut from delicate understated pearl ear bobs to chunky and sophisticated old-school chokers.

Here we have compiled this season’s most knockout jewellery statements. The floral pendants, the boho earrings, the gold necklace — find what’s in and what’s not. If you need some new shine and style to glam up your look, you must head to the Great Singapore Sale, where shopping comes alive! You could find everything from the glitz of the local stores to the stellar line-up of the designer brands at this festival. It is ten weeks of absolute delight for any shopaholic!

You must read on as we round up our favorite jewellery trends this season. Get the complete scoop on all things shiny.

  1. All that glitters must be gold

Dull gold and minimal designs, and delicate layering pieces are in. Bring out the long gold Y necklace your boyfriend had given you last Christmas or wear those dainty finger rings you had bought yourself during the sale last season! Let the gold shine like never before.

  1. The new 70’s is now

The 70’s look is back and is dominating the runways. Tear down your mother’s closet. The statement neck pieces, big rhinestones, and diamond head gears are the new favorite. Paired as a single piece, these are sure to make heads turn your way.

  1. Chokers are back and here to stay

All chokers are in this season! Rubies are the absolute favorite stone this season. A hippie neck piece is a must-buy for the fashionista in you. Too many options and too little time. Get hold of as many as you can!

  1. It is all about color

Try combining different stones to create new twists in your classic pieces. Go all out with the colors and you would still not go wrong. Bib-style necklaces, and shells, beads and crystal for the wrist are the safest bet. You can never be too over-embellished.

  1. A mismatch made in Heaven

The delicate mix of tiny diamonds, little gold studs, and ear cuffs, all in a casual mismatch is a huge celebrity favorite this season. If they don’t match, be sure to throw them in together. Be adventurous. Recreate the magic.

  1. Let the brooch do the talking

The classic brooch is revised and is now available in a graphic, contemporary new way. Adorned collars with crystals can make a drab look imperial. It’s time to revamp the dull dress you have been saving for years.

  1. Rose Gold is more precious than gold

Rose gold has soared in popularity recently in Singapore and is being used in both fashion and fine jewellery as an alternative to the traditional white or yellow gold. Watch with a striking rose gold tone case and a sparkling crystal dial is a timeless piece of jewellery you must adorn.

But in the end, it is all about feeling good in your own skin. Find the jewellery that makes you feel beautiful. As long as you love what you wear and feel confident in it, all is perfect. This season, and the next, be your own trendsetter. That is the one thing that never goes out of style!

Written by Mooments

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