At 5′ 2″, I was always the ‘short girl’ in every class I took, and in every social circle I mingled in. I like it on most days. And wouldn’t want it any other way. I could always get away with looking younger than I actually am.. have enough leg room in any seat I am allotted on the flights.. and be able to wear whatever heels that I want!

However, the real challenge for petite women like me lies in shopping for the ‘right fit’. Almost everything needs to be hemmed a little. The jeans are always too long, and the sleeves always need altering. Our shoulders, often too narrow and the fit, never flattering.

But the fun fact is, with a few tips and tricks, we could be ruling the streets.


  1. Minis
    Skirts that fall just on your knee or shorter, elongate the legs and enhance the frame. That’s not to say that all petite women necessarily want to look taller or even should. It’s a matter of preventing the visual diminishing of inches from one’s height. Petite women look the best in above-the-knee hemlines.
  2. High-Waist
    High-waisted pants and skirts were probably only created to be worn by petite women. It adds the much needed length to our legs, while covering up our small torso. Crop tops and off-shoulders go great with these.
  3. Monochrome
    Instead of busy patterns, opt for more monochrome outfits with a touch of color. If you would like to break a color, a statement belt along your narrow waist would elongate your bottom half and give you a more defined waistline.
  4. Shoes
    If you want to give your heels some rest, ankle booties, or boots that stop just below the knee would look good, too. But more importantly, shoes must match the outfit you plan to wear.


  1. Prints and Patterns
    Don’t shy away from them. If you want to wear prints, seek out small motifs and stick to pastels and florals that won’t overpower your frame. When picking a patterned outfit, choose styles with darker backgrounds or tonal patterns.
  2. Excessive accessorizing
    If only I had a nickel for every time I heard about how ‘bling’ adds to the outfit. Yes, statement necklaces and chunky jewellery can be enticing to wear. But don’t go overboard. Too many embellishments can reduce the versatility of your outfit and can make you look heavier in your small frame!
  3. Colors
    Monochrome is great, but should you decide to play with a color blocked outfit, remember to stick with a maximum of three colors. You would not want a hodgepodge of hues on you.

You can find all of these in brands like Zalora, Lazada, Bega and Bysi. From daily casuals to weekend swank, petite girls can look effortlessly beautiful with their curated range of dresses, skirts and cardigans.

Being petite mustn’t stop you from being fashion-forward. It is all about playing with proportion, experimentation and trying out what works best for your body type.

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