Some believe that we are all the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Hence, the friendships we nurture make us into what we are. Here are some of the qualities that I am grateful for in my friends. While different people have different qualities, just thinking about them makes me smile. Take a look and see which ones you can match to the people in your lives.

  1. Focus on the good: You don’t have to impress real friends. That’s a lot of hard work. Real friends see past the surface, and appreciate the good qualities in you.
  2. Being real: With your real friends, you can laugh or cry, be either silly or serious, and still feel the warmth of true connection.
  3. Kindness counts: Fair-weather friends are fun when times are good. You recognize real friends who show an underlying kindness, especially when times are tough.
  4. Mistakes are part of life: Real friends don’t condemn you for making mistakes; we’re all human, and mistakes, too, are part of life. We learn as we grow.
  5. Balance of power: Real friendships are not about one person being the star and the other being the servant. It’s about being able to take turns: understanding and being understood, giving and getting support, and caring enough to listen for words unspoken.
  6. F is for forgiveness: When conflicts come up, real friends have the courage to reach out directly rather than gossiping and letting irritations grow. Real friends understand, and because they understand they are capable of forgiving.
  7. Loyalty, care, and connection: In a real friendship, loyalty is key and connection is the currency. You know they have your back. Real friends look beyond the sparkle of personality to the essence of what makes each other tick.
  8. Let each other grow: Life is dynamic and people change. Real friends give each other the space to grow, the time to recalibrate, and the open door to sharing insights that only come from experience.
  9. Water the plant: Like plants, friendships need to be watered, too. Real friends check in with one another. Whether that is every day or on birthdays every year, it is always special.
  10. Celebrate the good stuff: Real friends celebrate your victories. They want the best for you and have the caring and confidence to be genuinely happy for your successes. Your joy is their joy, too.
  11. Surprise them with Mooments gift cards: Sometimes real friends do things for each other without any apparent reason. A friendly reminder that they have been thinking about you. I remember the moments when I received an alert on my mobile that I have received a giftcard from a dear friend, and how it had brightened up my day. You could do the same for your friend. Just download Mooments app on your phone now.

What other qualities are on your list? What is most important for real friendship to blossom?

Written by Mooments

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