Your workplace can speak volumes about your personality. Just like with everything else, decorating your desk is a way of expression. Fun desk accessories are a choice, a way of life. With this guide, we provide you with nine natty desk gifts to help alleviate those gray mornings, no matter where your workspace is.

  1. Funky Pen Pot: Add the extra zing to your desk with a fun pen pot. Stop cramming your pens and pencils into dull jars. Brighten up your workspace with a colorful and rather, exotic pen pot!
  2. Grow Your Own Bonsai: Green fingers aren’t required to grow a range of beautiful bonsai trees in your office! Everything you need to grow your own bonsai tree come packed inside little boxes, including the growing pots, compost discs, seeds and a booklet filled with great growing tips. Which also makes a thoughtful gift.
  3. Snack Box: This is one of my favorite. A snack box loaded with quick bites such as cookies, candies, and sometimes dry fruits can be a delightful desk accessory. Exactly what’s needed in those more trying moments of the day!
  4. Harry Potter Mug: This one is not for the muggles. A Harry Potter mug might not be bottomless, but it’ll be perfect to brew yourself a good old wingardium leviosa in! Psst.. it can also be a great gift for all the Potterheads!
  5. USB Fridge: If hot drinks aren’t your thing, then this just might be! The USB Fridge plugs right into your desktop or laptop and will keep your preferred can of pop cool in any weather, no matter whether you’re working hard or hardly working.
  6. Photo Clip-its: With a string for easy hanging, cute clip-its can enable you to kookily display some of your favorite photos in your workspace. Sometimes, just looking at these pictures is all the motivation you would need.
  7. Bobbleheads/Miniature Action Figures: A miniature Alice in Wonderland vinyl figure or a bobblehead of the Avengers can be the perfect reminder to keep calm, particularly when those around you are losing their mind.
  8. Hot Wheels: Based on the 1966 live-action series, the sleek manta-ray shaped Batmobile that featured a large bat-trunk ready to hold crime- fighting equipment, bullet-proof glass, lasers, rockets and a police beacon adorns my workspace. It reminds me of the simpler days when I was younger and life was less complicated.
  9. Mooments Gift Cards: Demonstrate your dexterity and niche gifting knowledge in one super-smart office gift to your friends and family. Buy them a Mooments gift card and let them choose what they would like their workspace to look like.

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