We love libraries. Can’t get enough of bookstores. And we really enjoy coffee shops we can read in. We are always in search of cozy, beautiful places to curl up with a good book.

Hence, we went searching for a few unique reading rooms around the world. Comfort, intimacy, atmosphere and a great view play a big part in the design of these bookish spaces. Tell us about your favorites!

  • Hudson Hotel
    Address: Library Bar, 356W.58TH Street
    Region: New York. USA.
    To experience the old world charm, the Bygone English club, this is the place to be. The Library Bar with its enormous fireplace has an extensive collection of books which you can just pull ou and curl up on their classic English Leather sofas and wing chair and unwind with soulful music in the background. It is a complete blend of the old and new. Their book collection varies from theater to travel to politics to films to art and fashion. It’s a cool place to sit and read and feel as if you are sitting in a mid-century fancy library.
  • Royal Teas Cafe
    Address: 76, Royal Hill, Greenwich
    Region: London SE108RT
    It is nestled away in Greenwich’s prettiest street, a quiet and cozy atmosphere, which is perfect to linger around with a book. Besides that, you can order a cup of your favorite cream tea and their ever-so-popular banana and butterscotch cake. With its wall of grinders and the intoxicating coffee smell and the cozy outdoor area, it makes a perfect set up to spend some time with the books. Who would not want to get lost and dream away? While away some time with your favorite book here.
  • Waterstones
    Address: 82, Gower Street
    Region: London WC1E6EQ
    Being the largest bookstore and in the heart of Bloomsbury, this massive bookstore with five floors and over 160,000 titles makes it the perfect reading space. It will not be difficult to find a place to sit and browse through your books. It is an ideal place for book lovers to be surrounded by an endless list of your favorite books. And if you feel like it, you can just walk to the cafe within the premises and devour their local muffins and coffee. You can browse and explore any genre you desire.
  • Grounded
    Address: 28, Jane St.
    Region: New York
    The moment you enter Grounded, you must grab a couch and make yourself comfortable, for you would want to be there for a long time. This cafe is a great alternative to your living room with a skylight and oversized chairs and bookshelves in the back. You would not want to put your book down unless you are tempted by the aroma of fresh organic coffee and the trace of chocolates faint smell in the room. Their peanut butter cups are just out of this world and a must have while indulging in your favorite book.
  • Canada Water Library
    Address: 21Surrey, Quays Road
    Region: London SE167AR
    An architectural and literary marvel with its inverted pyramid building, the Canada water library, is dynamic with its spiral staircase leading to the bright, top and airy top floor filled with the widest collection of books alongside a cafe on the ground floor. It has 41 quiet study spaces for you to get engrossed in the book, providing you with free Wi-Fi and Internet. Surrounded by books all over it a bookworms’ dreamland and what better place to be in than a quiet library. You can spend as much time with books as you want.
  • Shakespeare and company
    Address: 37 Rue De La. Boucherie
    Region: Paris
    Imagine sitting across the Notre Dam with your favorite book. What a spectacular view it would be. If you wish for a quieter place and choose not be distracted by the view you can be sure to find a nook in the bookshop to settle into. There will be nobody to question you or disturb you, which is a rarity in this era. It is the world where you open the door, and you enter a magical world of books and endless imagination.
  • Burgess Park
    Address: Albany rd, SE5
    Region: London
    Burgess Park is a unique park stretching from Camberwell and Walworth in the west to the Peckham and Old Kent road in the east, it offers 56 hectares of greenery and thinking space. On a nice bright sunny day, let the trees, benches, birds and the nature in its full bloom give you company while you lay down with a good book and your picnic basket. Or you could just go to the cafe within the premises for a hot cuppa. You can be a bit adventurous and scout for good reading spots near the lake or any hidden benches you discover.
  • London Review Bookshop
    Address: 14, Bury Place
    Region: London
    Located in the heart of Bloomsbury and just a stone’s throw away from the museum is this London’s best-loved book shop which is known to host a lot of literary events and debates. It’s a place for people who love books. You are definitely going to encounter a book lover like you for this place is totally crammed with books. Get inspired and read your book in a corner to your heart’s content. Take a break and walk into their cake shop for a literary coffeehouse ambiance.
  • Union Hall
    Address: 702, Union Street, Brooklyn
    Region: New York, 11215
    Union hall is a 5000 square foot bar, converted from a warehouse offering cozy fireside and a stately library. So if you are that sort of a person who wants to read his book along with the beer, this is the place to be. With its warm and rustic interiors, it’s the perfect environment to unwind with your book. If the weather seems warm you can even step out to their outdoor garden spot and order your beer to chill down with. Whoever said you need to be confined indoors to read your favorite book?
  • Rijksmuseum Research Library
    Address: The Rijksmuseum, Museumstratt 1
    Region: Amsterdam
    Located in Amsterdam this famed research library has been turned into an old world charm reading room. It is one of the main art libraries in the world and is known for its exquisite trade and catalogs as well as books and journals. Visitors are welcome to explore the journals and browse through the books and admire the structure in the process. The silence is much appreciated by people engrossed in their books and enjoy it to the fullest. The calm and serene environment here would soothe you completely.

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