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Golden Rules of Regifting

With the changing times, regifting is no more a taboo. There has been a shift n gifting habits in recent years. As people get more aware of the environment and how much we are acquiring, regifting is not as bad as it was five years ago. Though people are more open about regifting, and it’s… Read more »

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Shopping for Gifts on a Vacation

Buying gifts for friends and family from a holiday can be a struggle. While holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the destination, shopping is a big part of vacation. Whether it is for self or for loved ones, everyone likes to look around the local markets for gifts or souvenirs to take back… Read more »

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What NOT to Gift Chinese This Lunar New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year with your Chinese friends can be great, but, when the cultural gap is large, it can be really easy to give the wrong gift. While gifts are much appreciated, the Chinese culture has certain traditions and etiquettes that must be followed or kept in mind before buying a gift. Avoid this… Read more »